Maddog Gallery



MadDog can lead you onto unexpected paths of new trends in artistic creation.

And if you are bitten, there's no hope, no vaccine, no antidote - you will gradually feel more and more possessed by a voluptuous feeling of passion, a sudden curiosity and above all by a 'rabid' desire to acquire and collect.

But at the end of each of these paths awaits the joy of owning a unique piece that belongs to you a little more each day… Pieces that are as much the singular and creative expression of their authors as they are the manifestation of the timely spirit in its determination to transcend the academicism and rules to endlessly offer up a new and visionary form of the world around them.

It is also the meaning behind the involvement and artistic initiative of Pascale ROZENFELD, the hostess in this space. Throughout her career as a gallery owner this active, audacious collector has always brought confirmed talents or young artists in the making along with her.

Painting, Sculpture, photo or video, all art forms are showcased in unique settings that reveal the profound truth about the genesis of apiece and the creative power of the artist confronting the life that inspires him or her.

Follow your instinct, fast…

Pascale Rozenfeld